Main scope of Geothermal Express Consultant Ltd. (GeoEx)


  • Preparation of geothermal and renewable energy strategies for companies, State institutions, municipalities


  • Preparation of geothermal energy project feasibility studies


  • Consultation support for domestic and foreign companies in renewable energy subjects


  • Development of geothermal as well as hybrid energy projects, project supervisory, project management


  • Organization of workshops, professional meetings


  • Participation at international geothermal projects


  • Participation at geothermal as well as renewable energy related research and development projects








Photo above right: Attila Kujbus makes a presentation at
Stanford University Geothermal Workshop, Palo Alto, 2009
Photo down right: Attila Kujbus and Attila Zoltán Kujbus
in front of their poster presentation at
European Geothermal Congress, Pisa, 2013

Activity focus on geothermal strategy, concept and action plan development, as well as project development
and implementation. Shallow and deep geothermal projects and also hybrid renewable energy projects,
programs are involved. Clients are Hungarian State and European Union Institutions, Universities, municipalities,
investors and project contractors.

  • Successful well test in the Hungarian Plain
    in 2011, with GeoEx participation

  • Thermal well drilling rig in a Project
    in 2012 with GeoEx participation

  • An exciting challenge; abandoned
    hydrocarbon well to be utilized in a
    geothermal project




  Key person of GeoEx projects:


Attila Kujbus

MSc, MBA, Geothermal Special Engineer

Establisher, owner and Managing Director of
Geothermal Express Consultants Ltd. (GeoEx) from 2010




  Photo: Presentation about geothermal concepts of Central-Eastern Europe in Bonn
International Renewable Congress, 2004


  •   30 years in the energy industry, as technologist, middle leader and CEO, MD

  •   11 years of it in geothermal energy business

  •   5 years university lecturer, teaching engineering in English language for foreign students

  •   15 years experience in international exploration and energy projects

  •   Large number of publications, presentations in international events. Few of them as below

    •   Best Paper Award in October 2007, Reno, Nevada at the Annual Meeting of Geothermal Resource Council
    •   Two papers at Stanford University 2009 and 2010 Geothermal Workshop
    •   Poster at World Geothermal Congress 2005 (Turkey) and two presentations at World Geothermal Congress 2010 (Indonesia)
    •   One presentation at European Geothermal Congress 2007 (Germany) and three documents at European Geothermal Congress 2013 (Italy)
  •   Author or co-author of numerous Hungarian and European geothermal or renewable energy publications

    •   Hungarian Action Plant to increase low enthalpy geothermal energy utilization
    •   European Strategic Research Agenda for Renewable Heating&Cooling.

  •   Member of the following associationsMember of the Steering Committee of the Geothermal Energy Panel of Renewable Heating&Cooling Technology Platform.

    •   International Geothermal Association, IGA
    •   European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) as auditor
    •   Hungarian Thermal Energy Association
    •   Geothermal Energy Section of Hungarian Chamber of Engineers

  As active engineer in the latest 11 years participation at implementing numerous operating geothermal heating and district heating
utilities in Central-Eastern Europe, mainly in Hungary (Gyopárosfürdő zero emission geothermal district heating system,
Szolnok Hospital energy reconstruction). Participation in the operation and maintenance of these technologies
(Hódmezővásárhely, 15 MW geothermal district heating system). Presently also involved in European Union financed Geothermal

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